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Radio Paradise Forum Posting Guidelines
  • Everything posted should be appropriate for all ages. The Internet is full of adults-only hangouts. We don't see any reason to have RP be one of them.
  • Please refrain from using racist, violent, or sexual imagery in avatars & forum pictures. A good guideline is that if it's something that you wouldn't want your kid or your boss to see while looking over your shoulder, then it doesn't belong here. We reserve the right to edit or delete any post or avatar without notice.
  • Play nice. While hearty debates are big fun, bashing people with differing views is not.
  • Cyberstalking or harassing fellow members in any way will not be tolerated. Anyone who feels like the victim of such activity should contact us immediately.
  • Please refrain from the excessive use of profanity.
  • Please don't post links to warez, filesharing, or porn sites.
  • Discussion of actual pork products is permitted, spamming the forums is not. It's OK to mention products or services - including other radio stations - but that should not be the only reason for the post.
  • When starting a new topic, please pick the most appropriate category (just one, please!) below.
  • Only one active identity is allowed per person, except by permission from Bill & Rebecca. All members must keep a valid email address on file with us. You have the option of keeping your address private from other members, but we need to be able to contact you if necessary.
Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the immediate deletion of the offending posts. Gross or repeated violations will result in the immediate suspension or termination of your posting privileges.

Disclaimer: Material posted in the Radio Paradise forum (outside of the material posted by Bill or Rebecca) is not endorsed by RP nor does it necessarily represent our views in any way.

Note to new users: The order of the posts in the RP forum has always been newest first, the opposite of what it is in most forums. If you find that confusing, just select "oldest first" at the top of any page.

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The old website had a single-topic forum/chatroom called "Comments". Here's where that tradition continues: part chatroom, part forum, part neighborhood tavern, part graffiti wall. Come on in and meet the usual suspects.
1 175,979 Welly - Oct 23, 2019 - 5:28pm
Radio Paradise/General
Forum Category Topics Posts Last Post
General Discussion
Talk about pretty much anything in here - though do check the new special-interest categories below to see if there might be an even better home for your post.
4,393 580,114 oldviolin - Oct 23, 2019 - 10:00pm
News Items
News and Discussions from RP's front page.
135 7,093 icarus - Feb 25, 2019 - 5:49pm
About RP
A forum for questions and discussions about RadioParadise.
620 20,776 kcar - Oct 23, 2019 - 8:18pm
Forum Category Topics Posts Last Post
Discussions about concerts.
350 2,988 Steely_D - Oct 8, 2019 - 3:09pm
Discussions about radio.
144 970 KurtfromLaQuinta - Oct 9, 2019 - 5:07pm
Everything else musical. The most interesting music discussions occur on the song pages. Click any song title (anywhere on the site, like the 'Playlist' or 'Music' pages) to see what other listeners have had to say.
1,118 20,780 oldviolin - Oct 23, 2019 - 8:34pm
Forum Category Topics Posts Last Post
Listener Recommendations & Literary Foo. One book (or author) per topic. If you start a topic, please include a link to that book on Amazon (via RP, of course!).
114 3,228 Welly - Oct 23, 2019 - 5:33pm
Recommendations, warnings, sociological ruminations.
144 1,831 miamizsun - Oct 14, 2019 - 7:54am
Forum Category Topics Posts Last Post
Talk about audio/video streaming/media, players and technologies.
238 1,402 gtufano - Oct 23, 2019 - 9:25am
The Web
Website discussions & links. Feel free to plug your site!
294 3,596 miamizsun - Oct 22, 2019 - 3:03pm
Forum Category Topics Posts Last Post
Local topics, listener get-togethers, etc.
113 7,241 R_P - Oct 1, 2019 - 12:40pm
Local topics, listener get-togethers, etc.
455 17,833 ScottFromWyoming - Oct 23, 2019 - 8:11pm
Latin America
Local topics, listener get-togethers, etc.
41 272 R_P - Oct 22, 2019 - 1:19am
Far East
Local topics, listener get-togethers, etc.
28 443 R_P - Sep 10, 2019 - 12:18pm
Africa/Middle East
Local topics, listener get-togethers, etc.
87 2,311 Ohmsen - Oct 21, 2019 - 2:36pm
Local topics, listener get-togethers, etc.
90 10,756 Ohmsen - Oct 23, 2019 - 2:33pm