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Delerium — Flatlands
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Length: 6:52
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When Ray Parker Jr. ripped off the main riff for "Ghostbusters" from Huey Lewis, he got sued and had to pay. Someone should mention this to Enigma... ;) (And no, don't ask how old I am, it hurts to share...) I mean, it would be just very derivative except for the breaks and heavy breathing.
originally posted by drover: did they have to pay royalties to enigma for ripping them off so blatantly?
my thought exactly, i like enigma better. :cool:
Did they have to pay royalties to Enigma for ripping them off so blatantly?
did they like but Enigma\'s old drumcomputer or what? Man, the beat is the same down to the drum-breaks... I actually don\'t mind this although I do think they are like a lot better with Sarah McLaghlin (sp?) singing.
Don\'t mind Delerium, but I liked there Front Line Assembly stuff much more. :lol:
Nice mellow background music for work. I like it :)
this is really not so good.