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Damien Rice — Volcano (live)
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The cover art is wrong. It shows a Big Head Todd and the Monsters album.
What's with the überdistortion on his vocals 4/5s of the way through? This track would have been alright without that bit of white noise.
Toe-tapping! I like it...
Nice version.

Between this and BoDeans, I'm reminded of Agent 99, a lil local (Gainesville) band (broke up like 2006?) I saw at the Warehouse (in Tallahassee). The guitarist could really wail ...anywho, I miss THAT kind of show, where there's barely 20 people there and you can have drinks with the members later and they crash on someone's couch before packing themselves into a van and driving home with a hangover the next day.

He should do a duet with Jeanette Nepolitano (?)of Concrete Blonde.

I hate this song. But I love his "Cannonball." Why not play that one instead? It has a tune, yanno.
tommychuck wrote:
Too bad he dumped Hannigan.
Too true, Lisa made a large part of the magic. Nice version, this. Is this available anywhere on CD or download?
I likes.
Too bad he dumped Hannigan.
Quite ok, at least they left the cat to the last bit.
...for the first time now something from o sounds tired to my ears - i guess three years of touring on a single album can do that...
Good stuff. Solid 8.
I saw him live yesterday, amazing show. Even if you don't really like damien's albums go see him live, you won't regret it. P.
cherylg4 wrote:
Is it Lisa Hannigan?
Of course.
gillygrrrl wrote:
Who's singing with Damien Rice? Sounds like Sinead.
Is it Lisa Hannigan?
I think I like this a little more than the studio version you usually play.
First I've heard sthis version...I like it...
Who's singing with Damien Rice? Sounds like Sinead.
This is great, want more. :cool:
Great addition to the playlist!